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Cedar Breather

Cedar Breather is a unique underlayment for all wood shingles and siding, including cypress. 

Cedar Breather allows shingles to be applied directly on a solid roof deck, rather than spaced furring strips or lath. It provides  a continuous air space that eliminates excess moisture, allowing the underside of shingles to dry.  This reduces the potential for premature rot and warping of the shingles and solid roof deck below.

Features Include:

  • Easy to install

  • Not affected by UV light

  • Lightweight - easy to handle only 10.5 lb per Roll

  • No special tools required

  • Eliminates the need for furring strips

  • Extremely durable

  • Not affected by heat or cold

  • Eliminates excess moisture allowing wood to dry

  • Cushions Shingles during severe hail

Technical Details:

  • Patented 3 dimensional nylon waffle matrix

  • 39" x 61.5' - 200 square feet per roll

  • Less than one ounce per square foot

  • Creates a 97.6% void air space

  • Manufactured by Benjamin Obdyke

  • 50 year manufacturer's warranty


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